Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi. My name is Ryan. Welcome to my blog. Here you will find all sorts of material including, but not limited to: rants, raves, anguish, humor, advice, and an occasional how-to.

All incidents you will read about here are entirely true but names will be substituted to protect....well....myself and my company. Speaking of my company, I own an I.T. services company somewhere in the United States. least that's the glorified description of it. Actually, if it involves a keyboard and a monitor we will provide support for it. Or try to sell you one. We try very hard. Unfortunately we also handle P.C. sales and service. We have also been blessed with providing helpdesk support for a VERY small software company with limited coding skills, which is more skill than I have when it comes to coding. Speaking of VERY small, so is my company, consisting of a crew of uh.....let's just say single digits here.

Make yourself comfy and enjoy my posts. If you find any typos, spelling errors, or grammatical errors, please feel free to print these pages out and swallow them. I hope you can take something from this blog that will help you out in your own unfulfilling journey through I.T. and P.C. support hell. By all means, if you find anything here that is technically incorrect or would like to add to, feel free to message me. If you don't find an answer to something here but think I may be able to help, message me.

Here are some of my specialties,

**Microsoft Terminal Services**
Small Business Server
Active Directory (there's more to it than user accounts)
General Microsoft Server Technologies
P.C. and server hardware
MIDI guitar equipment
Coffee makers


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